Link between Lower Back Pain and Bad Posture

Lower back pain is a condition which is faced by many people around the globe. This is the reason that chiropractors get a lot of cases of back pain to work on. As a matter of fact, issue with lower back pain happens with almost everyone. It just needs to be dealt with by professional chiropractors because re-alignment of vertebrae needs to be carefully handled. The main reasons for occurrence of lower back pain include bad posture and lifting of heavy weight.

Lower back pain according to new research

The recent research on lower back pain was conducted in December last year. In the study, researcher tried to find out the connection between lower back pain and diseases related to the disks of vertebrae. The natural shape of lower back mainly features the concave arc shape of vertebrae in that portion of vertebrae. The arc may vary from individual to individual. The general difference in this regard is usually between men and women.

Having that said, many people get affected by disk diseases which result in diminishing of the gaps between the disks. Another study in this regard included 50 people who had chronic lower back pain and another 50 people who had the curve of their lower spine in more intact form. This study mainly involved examination of degree of curvature in the lower back. The former group of people had smaller lower back arches.  According to researcher, the people with flatter curve were more likely to have degenerating disks.

What does it mean for people suffering from lower back pain?

The studies found out that:

  • People suffering from lower back pain find relief when they bend forward.
  • The people who are able to preserve natural curve in their spine are able to perform better in their every day’s life.

If we talk about the difference between both of these cases, we will need to involve working of muscles in the lower back. The damage to the spine is kept to a limit by disks in the spine. The disk is a fluid-like material which is surrounded by “annulus”, a sort of cartilage. The disks are consisted of 80% of water. So, it is quite possible for water content to reduce with the ageing process. Hence, the natural concave arc can result in the pain. This is the reason that bending forward in this condition can give some relief.

While dealing with the chronic issue may be a challenge, it is always beneficial to deal with the defective curve when it is not in advanced stage. The best way to consider in this scenario is to get chiropractic care.


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